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Dream Fit offers a one-of-a kind program where you'll learn how to properly execute everyday tasks and activities by strengthening muscles. The goal is not just weight loss, but also improving your daily life!

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Dream Fit is a dream come true for anyone who aspires to be fit and healthy. The studio's trainers will help you achieve your goals, even if it feels impossible. Learn more about our process.

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#1 Personal training gym located in Fayetteville, NC

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You have the power to be your best self. Let us show you how with our evidence-based program, success is assured!

improve your life

This is your chance to become the best version of yourself. You deserve it and we will give you every opportunity for success!

sculpt your body

We give you the tools and guidance to make your goal a reality. With our personalized training sessions!


DREAMFIThas the perfect program for you. Come see us and we can help make changes that will last a lifetime!


Pricing options that fit your budget and goals

1 on 1 Personal Training
1 on 1 Personal Training

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Dreamfit Membersip
Dreamfit Membersip

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Unlimited Personal Training
Unlimited Personal Training

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Dream Fit

3201 Raeford Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 759-2195


Frequently Asked

Can I cancel my membership?

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Can I freeze my membership?

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What is the class cancellation policy?

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What kinds of classes are right for me?

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