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Move and groove your way to learning success!

Discover a ground-breaking class for your preschooler that uses movement to deliver powerful learning and lots of fun!


As a parent, you want to help your child grow and develop during their foundational preschool years.

And you want your child to love to learn now so that they grow into a lifelong learner.


But you feel overwhelmed and are left wondering if your child is falling behind in their learning and development.


The current education system won’t develop your child's brain to its full capacity

The sad truth is that in most learning environments, your child isn’t given the opportunity to learn and develop to their full potential.

As a result, your child might

You’re not sure if you’re equipped to help your child get the education they need, and you worry that the opportunity to make an impact on your child’s development is slipping out of reach.

This reality drives many parents to search for a supplementary solution that will help their child stay on the leading edge of learning.

You want to give your child their best shot to:


You want to joyfully watch your child develop

At Dancing the Alphabet, we believe that your child deserves the very best opportunity to form these crucial developmental milestones and connections as they learn and grow.

That’s why we host weekly online preschool classes focused on movement.


Studies show that incorporating integrated movement, also known as embodied education, into a child’s educational experience helps them make stronger, faster connections when learning letters, numbers, and language.

When children engage in learning experiences that use exercise, cross-lateral movement, music and their imagination, studies show that the brain forms stronger wiring, helping them solidify the concepts they’re learning.

Plus, children love to move! Movement makes learning fun!

When you sign up for Dancing the Alphabet, your child will attend class live for 45-minutes, once per week.

Classes are on Zoom, so no matter your location, schedule, or when you put dinner in the oven, your child can supplement their learning in an exciting, interactive way.  

Each class begins with brain connectivity exercises to prepare the brain for learning.

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Next, we focus on a letter as children explore writing and vocabulary related to the letter.

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At the end of the class, children take an imagination journey through dance and music, sharing their exploration with the group afterwards.

Winter Program!

12 Weeks of Learning Fun, on Zoom!

January 11th-March 29th

Sign up today and discover how much fun learning can be for your child!

It’s simple:
1. Choose your class

2. Dress your child for movement

3. Show up and learn! 

Special Bonus: Activity emails after each class!


If you're not 100% satisfied, you'll get a full refund.

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Focused Thinking

Students demonstrate the ability to lock into the task at hand.

Body Coordination

Students learn their body parts and become familiar with their bodies in space.
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Free Self Expression

Students share their creative choices and imaginative journeys.

Leadership Opportunities

In each class, students lead the group showing their newfound confidence.
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Fun Imaginative Play

Students get to explore their imaginations and creativity without limits.

Creative Expression

Students share and express their unique personalities.
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What People are Saying:

Hi, I'm Jessica!

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I am a former internationally ranked professional dancer and have danced in every major opera house around the world including Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong Arts Center and more.

I was lucky to dance in an innovative company where we explored conceptual movement ideas with our brains and our bodies. My 10 years in the company was a lab where I discovered how movement could be used to think. 

I then went on to pursue a Master’s degree studying what makes an experience transformative. 

When I started working in preschools, I was immediately struck with how little children moved. Sometimes they’d stand for a song or two, but they’d be expected to sit back down for the lesson. I got right to work helping them incorporate movement into their curriculum.  

I developed exercises such as writing practice using body parts, imagining how a marshmallow melts by the campfire, changing the speed of our mixing machine moves, and so much more. The Dancing the Alphabet method was born after teaching over 1,500 preschool classes in five years.  

Currently the curriculum is only offered through online classes for children ages 4-6. It is a narrow window in which I can make a huge impact on your child’s development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dancing the Alphabet is for 4-6 year olds. If they turn either 4 or 7 years old during the program dates, they are welcome to join.

In almost every case, I can engage the kids completely for the full 30 minutes. However, if a parent would like to supervise their child during class, that is totally fine. Parents are usually within earshot.

Kids are fully engaged throughout the class dancing, making creative choices, sharing their ideas and demonstrating their movements!