Helping Hands Scholarship Fund


The leader of “SOH-Stone of Help Inc.” have developed an educational program entitled “Helping Hands.” This scholarship program is for children whose families are experiencing financial hardship. This scholarship will be offered once during the academic calendar year and will focus on children and young adult students who can provide proof of financial difficulties and destitutions.

The SOH-Stone of Help Inc. “Helping Hands” was developed in honor of my mother Luce, who often tell us of stories of her parents struggle to provide for her and her seven siblings as she would travel daily from one village to the next with her friends to attend school. Mama Luce have since diligently help me her daughter, her siblings, other family members and friends in obtaining an education. We at SOH understand the many hardships confronting students throughout their educational lives, as well as the importance of financial assistance in helping to achieve attainable goals and successful careers. It is in this same spirit that we say, because “thus far the Lord has helped us” 1Samuel 7:12, we also want to help others in need.

This year, it is with great pleasure that “Helping Hands: Stone of Help Inc. Scholarship Fund” is announcing a $1,500 fund that will be divided among three students (two international students and one national student). Our Visionary educational program will also focus on developing leaders for a better tomorrow. In this same spirit we encourage philanthropists and other caring people who believe in the pursuit of education to also donate to this great cause.

General Scholarship Application

We commend you in taking the first step to apply for the SOH-Stone of Help Inc. “Helping Hands” scholarship fund. Fill out the application below and send it in for consideration. Remember, you must enroll in the academic year to be considered. All applications must be submitted by the deadline date, June 1st, 2023. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Inaccurate information that cannot be verified will not be considered. Please submit only one application.

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