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Fete Bandits is a Caribbean-based entertainment business consulting firm. A multifaceted, full-service company for all things entertainment related, such as parties, concerts, cruises, destination events and much more!

About Us

Headquartered in New York City, where the most Caribbean events outside of the Caribbean takes place, Fete Bandits is poised to be the ‘go-to’ for premium event services. We specialize in the areas of event planning, sponsorship, artist/talent booking, and startup investment. Comprising of Fete Bandits Event Services, Fete Bandits Consulting and Fete Bandits Marketing & Promotions, the company is truly a one-stop-shop for superior Caribbean events!

Our mission is to serve as the premier service company for entertainment companies and entrepreneurs, both in the U.S. and across the Caribbean. Our services include a network of resources and expertise designed to develop and support startup companies, foster growth, and increase revenue.

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The company was conceptualized in early 2016 and incorporated in 2019 as Fete Bandits, LLC, by a diverse group of Caribbean entrepreneurs. Individually, the members had been involved with various entertainment, fashion and cultural events and projects. Their endeavors led to partnerships with promoters, DJs, venue owners, party-goers and more, building an extensive network. Coming together to form one company, aligned their efforts and created a powerful service platform strategically positioned to meet the needs of the industry.

Fete Bandits’ goal is to spotlight and share the cultural fete entertainment experience, promote cultural pride, and facilitate growth in the market. The company aims to support Caribbean entertainment and cultural-based businesses to foster economic development and empowerment. With a special focus on young, Caribbean entrepreneurs, Fete Bandits seeks to nurture the next generation of business leaders and influencers. The company’s mission to provide top tier services to entertainment companies and entrepreneurs will foster positive growth in the industry and benefit communities for generations to come.

The Fete Bandits brand is an extension of this mission; its apparel line, exclusive events, and social media platforms promote Caribbean culture and lifestyle. The theme of the brand is ‘ONE CARIBBEAN.’ Through the Fete Bandits brand, all Caribbean people can experience the pride in their unique culture as a collective. Committed to the upliftment of the Caribbean and its Diaspora, the company serves not only as an economic HUB but also as a cultural institution.