Fete Bandits Event Services

Fete Bandits offers top-of-line event services for all scales and types of events for the Caribbean market. With a plethora of services and a vast network, we are your best option for Caribbean event management and support.

  1. Event Coordination and Execution
  2. Venue Scouting
  3. Event Design and Floor-planning
  4. Vendor Booking & Management
  5. Caribbean Food & Beverage Bar Catering
  6. Cannabis Cuisine
  7. Artists & Talent Booking
  8. Branded Promotional Items and Incentives
  9. Destination Events with Travel Services
  10. Public Relations & Media Tours
  11. Marketing and Promotion (See more FB Marketing and Promotions)
  12. Photo Booth and Party Games
  13. Decor and Caribbean Theme Settings (Backdrops, Furniture, etc)
  14. Live Streaming Pay-Per-View, Pre and Post Photo/Video Production and Documentation
  15. Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

Fete Bandits specializes in scaling events and providing superior resources that will transform any event into a first-class experience. We have the capacity to fulfill a wide range of event needs. Contact us today to find out how we can support your next event!

Fete Bandits Business Consulting

Fete Bandits provides first-rate consulting services for Caribbean based companies and entrepreneurs. We offer a range of consulting services for any scale business or venture. With a special focus on young, Caribbean-based entrepreneurs, Fete Bandits resources are crafted to foster positive growth and development. It is the Fete Bandits mission to support Caribbean businesses, building meaningful bridges to success. We are dedicated to the advancement of Caribbean entrepreneurship and each client is provided with industry specific support, cultivating financial empowerment and sustainability.

Consulting Services Include:

  1. Budget Building & Management
  2. Business Training and Development
  3. Bookkeeping and Financial Statements
  4. Business Startup/Venture Investment and Funding Scouting
  5. Marketing and Promotions within the U.S (for Caribbean-based Companies)
  6. Product Development, Sourcing and Maturation
  7. Product Placement and Showcasing
  8. Media Kits and Professional Presentations
  9. Teleconferences and Phone Consultations
  10. Web Development (Website, Social Media, Apps, etc)
  11. Language Translation Services

Our business consulting services are tailored to the growth and success of Caribbean businesses and entrepreneurs. We are committed to the progress of our people, especially economically. Our culture is a viable, sustainable platform from which we can build profitable businesses. Contact us to take your company or venture to the next level.

Fete Bandits Marketing & Promotions

With a defined market and an understanding of the buying habits of our audience, we  provide superior marketing and promotional services. Strategic partners, affiliates and sponsors alike recognize us as a growing voice for Caribbean audiences. We are uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on the brand awareness and visibility of our clients. We customize effective marketing and promotional plans that energize sales, increase brand recognition, and boost market presence.

Marketing and Promotional Services:

  1. Innovative Brand Marketing and Promotion i.e. Mobile Truck with 360° Promotional LED Screens (Major U.S. Cities)
  2. Experimental Marketing i.e Publicity Stunts
  3. Radio (U.S. & Caribbean)
  4. Television (U.S. & Caribbean)
  5. Online Ads including eNewsletters, Blogs, Social Media and Apps
  6. Print Media including Magazines, Newspapers, Journals and Catalogs
  7. Public Relations and Media Tours
  8. Street Team (Major U.S. Cities)
  9. Billboards (Major US Cities & Caribbean)
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